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Let This Bronze Couture Palette Bring The Best In You

Indulge into the 12 empyreal & alluring shades, saturated with pure pigments and brilliant diamond sparkle intensity.

This luxurious formula ranges from the gorgeously radiant ROSETTE, the incendiary MAHOGANY, the skin show glow KARMA,
the exquisitely sparkling PINK DIAMOND and the mystery shade WISDOM, serving as a blinding spot light for your crease, to 3 creamy molten metallic bronzes and 4 rich buttery mattes.



Limited Edition

Our Story

Who is Delora?

She is the founder and creative head of Delora Jones Cosmetics. She is from an industrial town in southern India called Coimbatore. She is a first generation entrepreneur who took a confident leap of faith based on her passion for developing a beauty brand that put Indian skin tone front and center of all their products. The molten bronze eyeshadow palette is a result of passionate colour theory research, formulation, testing, and hours of sourcing the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing labs from all over the world.

Delora is also an engineer, a science buff, and a deeply spiritual person. When she is not working with her different teams, she is busy exploring meditation, reading about astrophysics, cooking, and looking after her family and friends. She is absolutely thrilled about putting out an eyeshadow palette that fits her vision. She has many products in the roadmap that she is excited to launch very soon!

100% Recyclable

Made in Italy

Cruelty Free