About us

Delora! She is a girl of an educator, occupant of southern India. She is energetic towards cosmetics masterfulness and has more than 7 years of experience in the industry, She is additionally an engineer! As a kid she had a fantasy to make her own cosmetics, so she can coordinate her skin tone. The fantasy grew up with her and turned into a greater objective. She tried sincerely as an engineer for a tremendous software organization and chipped away at her fantasy incompletely. Indeed, even though it was an exceptionally paying position, she quit it to make her fantasy a reality.


Furthermore, she made a brand on her name "Delora Jones". The brand stands and will represent its quality, inventiveness, and essentially centered around making items comprehensive of all skin tones. The brand will probably give you prevalent quality items and not just stop with shading beautifying agents. The brand's dream is greater and will consistently be greater.